Reflection and Evaluation of The Reel Show

Here is the first full 10 minute episode of The Reel Show:

I can proudly say I am happy with the results of this show considering the time we had and it being everyone’s first time ever filming a live TV show. This blog post I will be reflecting and evaluating our work and what areas we could have improved on.

Firstly, looking at the brief I can say we did everything that was expected of us. 2 internet sourced VT’s, 2 self made VT’s, a guest interview and a live demonstration/performance. On our show we had the Gozilla trailer and Smosh video for our 2 internet sourced VT’s. We had the short film piracy documentary and public snog marry and avoid challenge for our 2 self made VT’s. Courtney Lavell, an aspiring actor as our guest interview and our film impression challenge with him for our demonstration. That was our first strong point. Another thing we did well was the subject we were filming. The presenters which was one of my roles were engaging and entertaining and I think that’s one of the most important things in any production. You can have the most amazing cinematography and equipment but if the subject you are filming lack enthusiasm and emotion, you will have a bad show. Considering it was mine and Ethan’s first time presenting I can honestly say we did pretty well. We started the module hoping for a role in the gallery but since no one else could present, we had no choice but to take the roles of presenters for the sake of the group.

Looking back, things we could have improved on was our set design. Yes we made a glowing logo sign that we hung up on set that looked fantastic and professional. But comparing our set design to the other groups, we could have introduced more colour such as wallpaper or drapes on the wall or even pillows on the sofa. If we were given the chance again that would be something we would have sorted before the holidays and not the week before the deadline. I think our biggest set back when we first started this module was that we did not get along as a group and there were arguments and people not showing up. It wasn’t till after the holidays we started working properly as a group. And because of neither of us took clear leadership at first we wasted a lot of the early valuable TV practice sessions in the TV studio.

But I’m still very proud of the end results and I’m glad I got to work with the group I was given as I have made some very good friends that I will be working with in future projects.

reelshow group



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