Professional Development on The Reel Show

For this module it wasn’t just about the quality of our TV show. Another big part in any production is the marketing behind it and specifically for us it was using social media and creating our own website for our show. In this blog post I will be reflecting on the professional development of our show and the successfulness of this.

To commence, on our brief for the show and website it was expected of us to engage our audience using social media. We saw ourselves in the last year on TV that even for film trailers being shown during advertisement breaks that there were ‘hashtags’ for films or TV shows to create hype on social media. I’ve come to find out that I am more likely to watch something if people I know are talking about it rather than just seeing a trailer for something. Creating a buzz or a trend amongst people sharing something on social network for free for you is not only effective in terms of advertising a product but doing it cost effectively. We incorporated social media into our show through asking our audience to follow our Twitter and like our Facebook and send in suggestions for items live on show to engage them.

Here is the link to our Facebook:
Here is the link to our Twitter:

Furthermore, we also had to create our own website for our show. To do this effectively I looked at websites for actual shows that people watch to get a grasp of the conventions and style for a website of a magazine program. Benchmarking my website to professional websites was the key in making my website as professional as it could be. I looked at a range of websites for magazine programs and found common similarities such as as a latest news page, a page about the presenters and the show itself, a series guide and bonus content page with exclusive videos from behind the scenes. I incorporated all these conventions to make my website professional.

Here is a link to my website for The Reel Show:


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