Impact of Different Media Platforms and Method of Delivery

In the 21st century we are bombarded with so many different media platforms such as social networks, gaming industry, music industry, films and television shows. With the rise of technology and smart phones and tablets and 4G internet, the way we consume media is rapidly changing. In this blog post I will discussing my understanding of the different media platforms and the method of delivery of these media texts and how it is impacting on media production practices.

To commence, I can’t remember the last time I watched a live TV show finale or premiere on my television. I’ve gotten into the habit of watching it online or on the go using services such as Netflix and Amazon Instant. Being with the EE mobile network and having access to 4G internet, I watch TV programs whenever I have time such as travelling on trains on my tablet or smartphone. So what does this mean? I doubt I’m the only person consuming their TV shows like this. It means we are consuming media texts differently than the producers intended. So does that mean audiences are consuming media texts the wrong way? Definitely not. As media producers we are the one who should be adapting our practices to audience consuming habits.

What does this mean for media production if we are having to adapt our practices for the modern audience? I think the sole taking we have to take from this change in media consumption amongst audiences is that now we are producing texts that might be intended for TV but is also for other platforms such as smartphones and tablets. We need to get out of the stubborn thinking that a TV show is only for TV. When we create a TV production we should be producing it to be viewed on as many platform as we can.


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