Creative Process and Development of The Reel Show

For this module we had to create a 10 minute magazine television program as a group. In this blog post I will depicting the critical creative process of creating our show and delineating how we developed our ideas.

To commence, the first thing we had to decide on was a theme for our show. We were given a few to choose from to get our creative juices flowing such as weird and wonderful, spontaneous, risky business and etc. As a group we liked the idea of fantasy and being comedic so this is what we initially decided. This theme eventually evolved into our show being about films. We initially wanted to do review films and show trailers. This was quickly shown to be the wrong thing to do by our mentor and then we started developing into other territory such as trending youtube videos, making videos on film industry related topics such as piracy and going out engaging the public with film related issues or challenges. Before we knew it, 10 minutes wasn’t enough to fit in all the ideas and items we wanted to do.

Moreover, one particular item on the show that went through much development was our guest demonstration. Originally we were inspired by Jimmy Fallen’s Lip Sync Battle which he does with his guests.

We wanted to do something similar to fit into the demonstration requirement of our brief. We brain stormed many ideas such as a film trivia quiz. These ideas we came up with just required a lot of talking which seemed quite boring and mundane especially since this demonstration would come after our guest interview. We wanted something that was more engaging and less talking and since we were interviewing an aspiring actor we then came up with the idea to make him do film impressions that our audience will tweet him in to do. This engages audiences and fits into our theme nicely.


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