Top Gear or BBC3?

We’ve been told to imagine ourselves in a head TV position with 2 buzzers in front of us. One labeled Top Gear and the other BBC3. I have to press 1 of them and in doing so whichever buzzer I press that TV show will be axed. In this blog post I will be discussing reasons for and against keeping both shows and ultimately choosing which show stays on. As well as this I will look at what either show could be replaced with if it is axed and how both shows can improve.

Top Gear



For keeping it:

  • Guinness Book of Records holder for most watched factual programme in the world
  • Sold to 214 territories worldwide
  • 2 million subscribers to the Official Top Gear YouTube Channel with over 500 million video views
  • 19 million Facebook fans
  • Top Gear Magazine global circulation: 1 million
  • 5.7 million unique users on
  • Over 8.9 million downloads of Top Gear game apps
  • Over 1.5 million visitors to Top Gear Live

Against keeping it:

  • I genuinely couldn’t think of a reason why Top Gear should be axed other than the occasional controversy with Jeremy Clarkson and if any of these controversies were extreme it should result on him being axed and not the show




For keeping it:

  • BBC’s only other channel for 16-34 year old age group and youth orientated
  • Presenters and Crews keep their job
  • Not many people watch BBC iPlayer (only 2% of population have access to iPlayer)

Against keeping it:

  • Supposedly gain £100 million from cutting it
  • Not as many viewers compared to Top Gear


I think the outcome is pretty clear here. I would keep Top Gear. At the end of the day Top Gear is the one making money and getting views. Yes it will be a shame to loose BBC3 but with less viewers than Top Gear it’s an obvious one. Yes it’s a shame that BBC are losing its only channel that’s orientated at youths but I had to pick one. BBC3 can easily move onto iPlayer but considering not much of the population have access to it, the question with it will be financially worthwhile, it probably won’t. And lastly I don’t think I can improve Top Gear anymore other than just offering the episodes online as well as on TV so their audience base can grow.




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