Casting and Content

This week we had to choose our top 3 roles in the TV studio and gallery and pitch for them.

My top 3 roles:

1) Director

2) Floor Manager

3) Presenter

After pitching for our roles, as a group we decided what roles we want to give each other. I really wanted to be Director but we were in dire need of capable presenters and me and Ethan stepped up to the presenter roles despite it being on the bottom of our list. We were happy leaving directing to the capable hands of Caitlin.

Now that roles were all decided we had to decide on the final contents of our show after having done much research on other shows such as Top Gear, The One Show, Ellen DeGeneres and etc.


1) Godzilla Sneak Peak

2) If Movies Were Real by Smosh

3) Short documentary on film piracy

4) Snog Marry and Avoid famous film characters and actors with the public

5) Interview with aspiring actor

6) Film Impression challenge with guest


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