Top Gear VS The One Show

This week we were asked to compare 2 magazine programs and I have chosen Top gear and BBC’s The One show.

Firstly, let’s compare the presenters of both shows.

The latest The One Show presenters:


The Top Gear presenters:



As you can see presenters are chosen specifically depending on the shows target audience. The One Show being an evening family show by the BBC who are government funded, they will want an equal representation which is why they have both a female and male presenter. They’re both good looking and young adults so teenagers and adults alike could relate to. Whereas compared to Top Gear with 3 middle aged male presenters. This best represents their audience who would be primarily men due to the show’s theme and subject which is mature banter and cars.

Let’s have a look at the set design and general look for both shows.

The One Show:


Top Gear:


The set designs of both shows relate back to the shows themes and subject. The One Show again being a family show looks modern and fashionable with bright vivid colours. This has connotations of vitality and diversity. Looking at the Top Gear set it looks very dark and unsaturated which has connotations of maturity and seriousness. The Top Gear set also sports car seats as a sofa for the presenters and guests and a coffee table made out of a car engine which relates back to the show’s subject being about cars.

Let’s compare the contents of each show. The One Show will typically have a guest interview where they talk about themselves and topical trends whereas on Top Gear the guest will talk about something care related like their first car or the car their driving now. They also have a demonstration with said guest to do a lap on their track with a selected car and compete with other previous guests. This is a common occurrence and expected of all Top Gear guests. The One Show being a family show has a range of different content suitable for at least each member of the family. For example when the Oscars where trending they talked about the world’s most retweeted selfie of all time and then the next item was a serious news report on pensioners being swindled of their money by carpenters. 2 very different items that would have a different target audience. The One Show’s content are aimed at everyone where as Top Gear’s is aimed at just one which would ideally be middle aged men and adults that like cars.


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