The Reel Show is Born

2nd week of our new TV module.

Now we have been told to start looking in detail about our TV show theme and its content and most importantly its name!

Last week we chose the theme of fantasy and comedy. Now it was time to start looking at our subject. First thing we did was talk about some of our favorite shows which included Russel Howard’s Good News, Top Gear, Jonothon Ross and Alan Carr Chatty Man. We liked Top Gear the most out of all of them and we wanted to do something similar. Like how the show is about cars but obviously there’s much more content than that. We shared a few different subjects such as sports, food but being Media students we liked the idea of our show being about the media industry such as films, TV shows, games and music. And it was decided that our show will be similar to Top Gear but instead of cars it’ll be about films. Our main intended audience will be teenagers and adults much like Top gear.

Now it was time to think of a name revolving around this theme and subject. After spurring any media related terms and turning them into puns, we eventually found a pun we liked most. And I can gladly say as of today… THE REEL SHOW IS BORN!


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