People to People – Shoot Process – Reflection

Having spent many hours on pre-production and planning, shooting the documentary was relatively easy. Composing every shot and angle had been meticulously constructed through the shooting script and storyboard drawings. Already knowing how to use DSLR’s helped the filming process go through smoother. However, it was the first time for us using proper 3 point lighting to film with. We spent an hour just trying to find the best placement for the lights to create the perfect shot.


The shooting process enlightened me about the skills of being a media producer. We live in a time where everyone is a producer. It is easier than ever before for anyone to point their camera and press record and then upload it online. But as learning and skilled media producers we have to separate ourselves from this mediocrity through our technique and understanding. What separates us from every other mediocre work is the thought and construction of planning we put into our work. We cannot simply point a camera and record. We have to plan every angle, lighting, props, costume, the themes and ideas and connotations expressed by the audio and visuals. The social and historical context of our work and the impact it has today and possibly the future.



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