People to People – Edit Process – Reflection

After all of our planning and then filming, it was time for us to bring all of our work together. Cutting the footage together isn’t as simple as just following the structure of the script. Especially for a documentary, a sense of rhythm is needed for the interview footage and audio. We had to let our subject breathe when telling us is his story or the whole thing would become too overwhelming.


A crucial part that I performed was picking out the best bits of the interview to tell Marin’s story in its respected entirety. Considering we had 25 minutes of interview footage, picking out the best 2 minutes of footage was not easy. This is where the storyteller in me stood out the most. It wasn’t enough just to pick out the best lines, but I considered the context of what Marin was saying and the performance of those lines.  Matching visuals to the interview audio to convey complex themes and ideas was also a crucial part for us to successfully evoke empathy from the audience. After all this assignment wasn’t about tacit facts about one person but a deep personal sharing of ideology and experiences and truly connecting people to people.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 07.11.09


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