People to People – Research Process – Reflection

After reading the treatment to the documentary about Marin. I made a list of questions that came naturally to my head. These were questions I wanted to know to get a better understanding of Marin’s story. Despite how random an interview may seem, I learnt that the rules of story telling still apply. The art of conducting an interview coincide with the art of telling a story. I was quite adamant about meeting Marin and getting to know him and ask these questions well before we actually planned to shoot the interview.

Getting to know Marin over a few drinks was a wise decision I made. The fact we had to film Marin’s personal story was no easy feat. To get the right performance out of him during the interview film shoot, we needed Marin to feel close and safe with us so he could open up comfortable in front of camera. It is good practice to have a good relationship between the filmmaker and the subject.

Conducting primary research about Marin through a face-to-face meeting taught me key skills about being a filmmaker. In particular was the relationship between the producer and the subject. It showed me how vital it is that I, the producer got to know Marin and creating a bond that would help us achieve an honest and vivid performance on camera and the final film.


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