Task 6 – Interactive Documentary

This week were given the task to make an interactive remix of an already existing documentary. We were also told you web developers tool known as Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker. This tool allows you to insert images, sounds, videos from anywhere on the web so that you are not only users of the web, but creators.

ImageHere is my interactive documentary made on Mozilla Popcorn: https://sheikhshahnawazyr1.makes.org/popcorn/1rzy

Interactive documentaries still document a version of reality just like any traditional linear documentary does. The difference between the two is that interactive documentaries are as they’re titled, interactive. They require an active participation from the user and treat users as conscious “prosumer’. Here is a quote from an academic scholar (Castells 2012) “Linear documentary requests only one type of cognitive (mental) participation, which results in a mental interpretation and reflection of what has been seen, whereas in the second case, the interactive documentary requires, apart from cognitive interpreting some type of physical participation related to decision making, which results in having to use the mouse, having to move around the virtual setting”.

As you witnessed from my interactive documentary I submerge the user in optional articles and videos found on the web that relate to the documentary to click on and consume. I ask a question for them to answer on Twitter and to put a hashtag with it and create a trend that other people can follow. This active participation in turn makes my documentary interactive.


Castells, Arnau (2012) The Interactive Documentary. Definition Proposal and Basic Features of the New Emerging Genre, [online] transcript available from https://www.academia.edu/1491044/The_Interactive_Documentary._Definition_Proposal_and_Basic_Features_of_the_New_Emerging_Genre [Feb 26th 2014]


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