162MC – Treatment

This week we have to write a treatment for our short film idea. A treatment is used because it is more detailed than an outline and allowed more directorial style details to be included. They often read like a short story but are told all in present tense.

Here is the treatment to my short film idea:

Short Film Treatment
Sheikh Shah-Nawaz

RACHEL is a 30 year old single mother living with her 6 year old son, BEN. One night while they are asleep, they are abruptly woken by a hammering on there front door at 3am in the morning. Rachel is hesitant about opening the door but when she does, she is greeted by a distressed, out of breath young woman in torn clothes asking for help.


Manchester House. Night. An alarm clock is seen on Rachel’s bedside table showing that the time is 3am. A hammering on the door is heard. Ben staggers into his mum’s room half asleep and scared wearing a pair of ‘onsie’ pyjamas. His mum is also woken by the hammering. Ben tells her someone is knocking on the door. His mum gets up from her bed. She is wearing a woman’s night gown. She takes her bathrobe off the hook on the back of her door and puts it on. She makes her way downstairs hurriedly to see who is at the door. As she gets to the door she becomes very cautious. She shouts who’s there over the hammering. A woman’s voice answers her back. She sounds distressed. Rachel upon hearing a woman’s voice and feeling relieved, she opens the door. At the door is a young woman dressed in torn clothes covered in dirt. Rachel immediately invites her in to take a seat. Ben asks from the stairs if everything is okay? Rachel says everything is fine and to go back to bed and that she will be with him soon. Rachel asks the young woman who she is and what happened to her?


The young woman informs Rachel her name is CLARA. Clara then tells her that she risked her life to talk to Rachel. Rachel takes a seat next to Clara on the sofa. Rachel is bewildered. Rachel then asks what she means by risking her life just to talk to her? Clara explains she is from the distant future where earth has been taken over by outer space creatures and has enslaved humanity. She is from a small rebellion that is dwindling in numbers that has risked everything to send her back in time to speak to Rachel. Rachel is outraged by Clara’s story that she believes is a lie. She claims she’s either crazy or a liar and demands Clara to leave her flat and will give her some food and money for her departure. Rachel goes to the kitchen to find her purse and pack some food to give to Clara. At this moment, Ben comes down after secretly overhearing Clara’s story. Ben whispers to Clara he believes her. Clara whispers back smiling and thanking him. Rachel enters the living room again. Just as she enters, Clara slips an unidentified object into Ben’s pocket. She shouts at Ben for coming down and to get away from Clara. Clara declines the food and money and leaves thanking Rachel and saying goodbye to Ben.


Rachel orders Ben to go to bed instantly. As Ben grudgingly walks up the stairs to his bedroom, he feels something in his pocket. He puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out a futuristic looking device. We are then thought to believe Ben will grow up to make a weapon or prevent the incoming alien invasion some time in the future. Ben puts it back in his pocket and walks off screen.



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