My Poetic Eyes – Reflection

Times have changed a lot. My film addressing the ‘real terrorists’ and who caused 9/11 was received less critically than I thought it would. Maybe from a historical context, the fact 13 years have passed since 9/11, it is an issue that is safer to talk about now than it was in 2001 when the events occurred. Or it could also be a combination of a social context that we live in a society that has become desensitised to violence and activism because of the rise of the internet and the “truth” being open to more people than ever before.

This assignment taught me a lot about how we can re use footage to tell another story. Initially some of the archive footage I used was used themselves as propaganda tools. Using archive footage and masterfully crafting it together to tell piece of poetic narrative was something far different to what I thought I would be studying when I decided to attend Coventry University to study Media Production.

I have developed as a media producer during the course of creating and showcasing our Poetic Eyes films. I knew that my film was going to be controversial and I did have initial worries but after screening it I don’t think I will ever have those same worries again if I ever produce controversial media. This assignment taught me in particular about being true to you not only as a media producer but also as an artist or creator. We should never censor ourselves in fear of what other people may think. As long as it is your honest opinion and belief, that’s all that should matter.


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