162MC – Outline

Last week I wrote a short pitch for one of 2 film idea stimuluses we were provided. This week we are now to take that pitch and write an industry standard outline. An outline is used to tell the story without writing the whole script and all the dialogue. It is to see the plot and an idea of what the characters are like and the location it is set in.

Here is the outline to my pitch form last week:

Rachel, a single mother and her only son, Ben are woken up by a hammering on the door. Rachel is reluctant to open the door. A woman’s voice is heard behind the door asking for help and shelter. Rachel invites in the dishevelled, out of breath young woman dressed in torn, dirty clothes. Rachel is inquisitive about the state of the young woman. The young woman tells her that her name is Clara and that she risked her life to come here to speak to her. Clara explains she is from the distant future where earth has been taken over by outer space creatures and has enslaved humanity. She is from a small rebellion that has risked everything to send her back in time to speak to Rachel.

Rachel is outraged by Clara’s story that she believes is a lie. She demands clara to leave and will depart her with some food and money. Rachel leaves the room to find money and pack some food for Clara. At this moment, Ben comes down after secretly overhearing Clara’s story. Ben tells Clara that he believes her. Clara smiles and puts something in Ben’s pocket really quickly. Rachel enters back into the room. She shouts at Ben for being out of bed and coming down and instructs him to get away from Clara. Clara declines the food and money and leaves thanking Rachel and saying goodbye to Ben. Rachel orders Ben to go to bed instantly. As Ben walks up the stairs to his bedroom, he checks his pocket to find some sort of futuristic device.


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