Task 3 – The Big Pitch

This week we were given the assignment to create a production pack for a film idea of ours. We had to research all the aspects of creating a film and planning one. This included things such as the cast and crew, the finance and positioning etc. Here is a link to my production pack for my film, Limousine: production package


After writing the synopsis for my film idea, I had to research about the positioning, finance and the success of other films with a similar concept and genre. We were told to make this production package in the present context. How would I gain finance for this film right now? The immediate solution to finance that came to me were my own funds and taking loans out from family and friends and the bank. After searching online I found the BFI website that allow aspiring filmmakers to apply for funding for their film ideas (BFI 2014).

In addition, further research I did was looking at the positioning of my film idea in the current market. I found a graph that showed a steep positive correlation of horror being made since the turn of the century (PopMatters 2014). This showed that there is a massive market for horror films and that horror films are very popular. I then looked at how well the film Black Swan grossed. Black Swan is also an independent psycho-horror film. The difference being that it is a full feature film and mine is a short. I saw that Black Swan grossed a staggering $329 million worldwide. It did particularly well in countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Japan and Korea (Box Office Mojo 2014).


BFI (2014) Film Fund [online] available from http://industry.bfi.org.uk/filmfund [26 jan 2014]

PopMatters (2014) Horror Cinema By the Numbers [online] available from http://www.popmatters.com/column/horror-cinema-by-the-numbers/ [26 Jan 2014]

Box Office Mojo (2014) Black Swan [online] available from http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=blackswan.htm [26 Jan 2014]


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