People to People – Treatment

This documentary will focus on Basil Gabbidon. A once former leader guitarist for famous reggae band, Steel Pulse and now turned music teacher and engineer at local secondary school.  In this documentary Basil reflects his past experiences and knowledge and compares them with the present day. In his reflection he focuses particularly on the youth of today and how music has changed.

A 30 second clip that very briefly highlights Basil’s concerns and the visual direction of the documentary:

This documentary will explore specific themes and ideas and the historical, social contexts they stand in. One of the key themes explored is how the youth have changed for the worse. Basil is very concerned for the youth today as they do not have the ambition to fight for their rights (particularly the rights of black people) like Basil and his friends did when they were young black adolescents in Handsworth, Birmingham. Another concern of his is that music has become completely digital and children are not playing actual instruments like they used to. He particularly addresses the negative effects on the youth of the rise of the digital age.

This documentary will have a calm steady place such as the rhythm of reggae music. The visual direction will be to show a lot of colours and contrast between them as to relate to the beauty and life of music Basil talks about. The mood will be lively and happy with a undertone of concern for the bleak future that is music according to Basil.  Particular visuals that are planned for this documentary are shots of Basil setting up for his band on stage. Close up of instruments and wide shots showing the colour and contrast of everything on the stage. The last shot the documentary finishes on will be a medium long shot of Basil from behind on his stool introducing his band to the audience.


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