Task 2 – The Remix

This week we were given the task of remixing our previous work from another module with any other footage from the web to make an entirely new media text. I chose to make a mock gangster film trailer. I looked at trailers for famous gangster films for inspiration such as Scarface, The Departed, The Godfather and 50 Cent: Get Rich or Die Trying.

I noticed it was common to show parts of the film that fell into Todorov’s theory on narrative. Todorov states that narrative falls through 5 stages which are equilibrium, disruption, acknowledging the disruption, attempting to solve the disruption and a new enhanced equilibrium (Todorov 1977). In the beginning of the trailer I show that the protagonists have failed a mission, that is the equilibrium. The disruption are the gangsters after them. The acknowledgment is one of the protagonists saying sorry. And the the rest of the trailer shows snippets of the attempt to solve the disruption since you wouldn’t show the final stage as it is a trailer designed to entice audiences into watching the film.

The genre of gangster films were quite simple. There were obvious conventions such as the use of guns, swearing, mob henchmen etc that were abundant in gangster films. The most important were the paradigmatic themes being expressed that makes a film unique compared to other films in its genre and the syntagmetic structure it is told in.

So without further ado, here is the trailer to the smash hit, coventry based gangster film, One Mission:


Todorov, T. (1977) The Poetics of Prose, Ithica, NY, Cornwell University Press.


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