Week 1 – Essential Reading and Viewing

Press Pause Play


PressPausePlay addresses the implications of how the rise of digital technology effects the way media/art is produced and what it means for producers.

I agreed to an extent with the points brought up by this documentary. That anyone now with a computer can create art and upload it online. You only need a computer to make a whole song. Where as previously you needed the right links and money to book studio time, skill and time to record music and talent to be able to play music. Creating art before took skill and it was a merit to be able to do so.

Because of this, trained and learning media producers such as myself are drowning in a sea of mediocre art produced by anyone and everyone. Even if my art was fantastic, how will anyone see it when the platform to showcase it is saturated with sub-par work? I felt this documentary was a little on the pessimistic side. Personally, I don’t do what I do just for the views and “thumbs ups” Yes there is lots of mediocre work out there more than ever before but brilliant pieces of art will always stand out. People will always recognise true talent and art when they see it.

This film fails to address why filmmakers and artists still continue to make art despite this over saturation of mediocrity. We choose to make art because we love it. We pay thousands of pounds and invest countless hours of our live to hone our skills and to create art that will astonish people.

In conclusion, the film does make very valid points but fails to address other aspects of creating art.

It Takes a Village to Find a Phone

This is the story about a woman who has lost her phone. She later finds out who has taken it and this person refuses to give it back. With the help of a friend, a website is created dedicated to get the phone back to its rightful owner and punishing the thief. This website is shared and networked all over the world eventually receiving so much support and followers that the police get involved and arrest the thief and return the phone back to its rightful owner.

This story taught me a lot about the age we live in and about humans from a social context. The internet has almost taken over the world. You can learn anything at an instant. You can talk to people on the other side of the planet. You can even topple governments and wealthy companies (Anonymous’s attack on Sony). This power has given some people who use the internet the illusion of invincibility. The thief knew she was in the wrong but because the owner only contacted her through the internet using emails she felt invincible and anonymous (But this story taught us that is not the case).

Another key theme that stood out for me was how the phone owner’s friend created this website in a day and it was shared throughout the world instantly and this person was not a journalist or publicised institution or anything. The rise of the internet has given power to people that people have never had before in history. For one ordinary person to have an army of supporters behind them for their cause. It shows how extraordinary humans can be now with the internet.

In conclusion, this story teaches a lot about human nature and how the internet has given us unlimited reach to connect with other humans like never before. Humans are a socially dependant species. In our society, a life of incarceration and solitude i.e prison is a punishment. Humans rely on each other for pooling resources and information and creating a better life for each other.


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