Task 1 – Creating Our “Brand”

For the first assignment of my new module we were given the assignment to create our own brand. Before I could create my own brand I had to look at how other media practitioners create their online persona. I’ve noticed that Twitter is very popular with media practitioners. I also noticed Facebook was least favourable as I could hardly find many media practitioners on it. I think this could be that Facebook is more personal and Twitter is a lot better at networking with other names and companies and getting your stuff out there since anyone can follow you but you cant add everyone on Facebook. The 2 media practitioners I found that influenced my brand were Phillip Bloom (Twitter 2014) and Nino Leitner (Twitter 2014).

Here are screenshots of their Twitter profile:



As you can see these 2 cinematographers have pictures of themselves operating cameras to relate back to their work. They’re also dressed casual which relates back to their creative informal lifestyle. The larger cover photo is usually pictures or screenshots of work they have produced since as a media practitioner it’d make sense to use your own work to showcase on any form of your web presence. And then written in their bio they list their achievements, skills, goals etc and finish with where they are based from and a link to their website/blogs.

Here is a screenshot of my Twitter that I created to unify my online web presence:


I used a picture of myself to show my face so my page has a visual identity as I have none currently of myself operating filming equipment. I then used a picture I took of London for my large cover photo. I listed production roles that I’ve done in past projects and other roles that I’m aspiring to be. I then put in musician to show more diversity from media roles, as music is a big hobby of mine. And lastly I put in trainee pole dancer as banter since I’m quite light hearted in personality and don’t want too seem to formal in the media industry as this is one of the industries where we can be creative and “fun”.

I also noticed that these media practitioners have blogs and in these blogs they have a logo for themselves (Philip Bloom 2014) (Nino Film 2014).

Image Image

This led me to create a logo/header for my own course blog that you’re reading right now:



Twitter (2014) Phillip Bloom, [online] available from https://twitter.com/PhilipBloom [09 Jan 2014]

Twitter (2014) Nino Leitner, [online] available from https://twitter.com/NinoLeitner [09 Jan 2014]

Phillip Bloom (2014) Blogs, [online] available from http://philipbloom.net/blog/ [09 Jan 2014]

Nino Film (2014) Blogs, [online] available from http://www.ninofilm.net/blog/ [11 Jan 2014]


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