Limitless Film Review


Proof of modern thinking that every problem you have can be cured with a pill and that’s what ‘Limitless’ is. So ‘Limitless’ is the story of Bradley Cooper who’s a struggling writer and hasn’t written one page of his new book and lives like a slob. One day this person comes along offering him a pill that can unlock the rest of his brain. We only use 10% of our brains but this pill unlocks the rest of it (think of it as Viagra for your brain…. Now that’s what I call a mind fu*k). So Bradley Cooper takes this pill and we watch his whole journey and see how this pill affects him. So already the premise to ‘Limitless’ is enticing and different to any other story or movie out there so it’s worth a shot to watch and check out.

Now ‘Limitless’ is relatable to everyone. Whether you want to be a singer, actor, doctor, garbage man (hey, some people want to make the world a cleaner place) but ultimately people dream to be a better version of their current self and that’s exactly what Bradley Cooper gets to do in this movie.
But the problem Bradley Cooper faces is that with every pill he takes, there are consequences and side effects (and people who want to kill you for it… Didn’t read that at the back of the bottle did you, Bradley?) 
So in the trailer to ‘Limitless’, it’s marketed to make Robert De Nero look like the bad guy but in actual case, he’s really just an extended cameo, the main bad guy in the movie is this Russian dude and even then he doesn’t feel like the big villain in the movie. The point to the movie is Bradley Cooper unlocking the rest of his brain with this pill and ultimately the true villain in ‘Limitless’ is the pill itself. But that doesn’t matter because the movie’s still really interesting. People just want to see what it would be like to unlock the rest of your brain and be able to see maths, become a millionaire in just a week. I’m not going to lie, if such a pill did exist, I would take it and go to Wall Street or something… Jus’ saying.

The movie itself did feel kind of disjointed at parts but a part of me feels maybe this is what the Director wanted the audience to feel like. One thing the movie did was this weird camera thing, where it zooms through the city but it looks like it’s going through photo after photo after photo and made me feel like I had the ‘Bed Spins’. 

Now, Bradley Cooper was really good in the movie. He shows that he can play in something like ‘The Hangover’ but he can also play a serious role which shows that he’s here to stay in the movie industry for a while. Let’s face it, every chick wants to sleep with him and every guy wants to be him… And you just can’t deny it.


So to encapsulate this review, ‘Limitless’ was something really new, different and exciting. It had a really good premise and was pretty interesting and liberating to watch because it was really cool to see someone unlock the rest of their brain’s power and become a super genius but you know… Minus the brain cancer and psychic super powers which brings me onto another thought. If he could unlock the rest of his brain’s power, wouldn’t he have like mind telepathy or something? Just throwing that out there, but hey, becoming a genius, playing the stock market, becoming a millionaire, that’s totally worth not having mind telepathy. So yeah, ultimately it was a really interesting movie to watch and I would recommend it to everyone even though it did feel disjointed at parts and it felt like the movie just ended. There wasn’t a solid climax. As if the movie’s just going and it ends. Imagine like a rollercoaster that travels really far up, tensions building, you regret eating that £5 veggie burger and as it gets to the top, it just stops and the ride’s over but the movie’s still pretty cool and I love the thought of a pill that could make me super smart. I give this movie a 7/10.


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